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About Us

We are highly skilled IT specialists dedicated to what we do. An extensive knowledge about latest technologies and about a billion hours of experience in different international projects are our trademarks.

The core of Leapbit are people that have been working together for several years. We started by developing systems with the purpose of supporting the operations of bookmaking companies. Those were a big success, so we continued to develop systems that over 1000 betting offices were using. Not the mention the complex systems of supporting on-line betting for more than 200k players annually.

Next step was transforming those systems so that they could be implemented into other industries. And then we took another leap – we started making unique and innovative solution for distributing information on multiple devices. It’s called Pixelus and it’s great!

We’re sure that this is just the beginning of our story. We can’t wait for the rest.

Products & Services

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    Betting & Gaming Solutions

    Our betting and gaming solutions are running in 1000+ betting shops and serving 20k+ active online players, generating 2+ million € turnover each day for our clients.

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    Pixelus - Cloud Display Management

    Turn any screen into a digital sign in just few minutes - use Pixelus to remotely control your displays and show any kind of content on them!

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    Custom Development

    We are always ready for new challenges! Our expirienced team of engineers is ready to deliver solution for your needs using the cutting-edge technologies.

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