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Leapbit is a fast-growing software company developing a Flex platform, cutting-edge iGaming solution.

Our team consists of ambitious programmers keen on a high level of autonomy and looking for the most challenging development tasks. Using by means of microservices & continuous delivery concepts, we put things in production daily. We test, learn and nurture an agile mindset in everything we do.

Flex platform provides diverse challenges for our employees to tackle in hardware, software, mobile, desktop, bigdata, databases, as well as e-games development. Our programmers can specialize in one area, try out different types of work, or change their career paths internally at any point.

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Our hiring process

Our hiring process Our hiring process

We love the word Balance

We believe that a work-life balance is a prerequisite to achieving high professional, personal and financial goals.

That’s why we invest a great deal in building a well-organized, pleasant and friendly company where people stay for many years, thriving professionally and personally.

You can count on the above-average compensation and appealing benefits packages, but there's more to it. We’re an iGaming company. We love fun, sports, surprises and games.

To get some rest from screen time, we visit the escape room, goof around with our pet projects, or chill in our lounge room with coworkers.

Our company grows fast

We might slip or make a mistake, like everybody else. But we own our mistakes, address problems, and improve things through open conversation and honest collaboration with all our people.

We hired idealistic, kind, and reasonable people experts to help us navigate the complexities of building the best company we can be.

By the way, our goal for Leapbit is to be small and agile.

Benefits & compensation



Above average salary

Yearly performance bonus

Christmas & Easter bonuses

Travel expenses

100% paid sick leave


Balance & private life

Sliding work schedule
(Starting between 7 and 10)

Hybrid work

23+ vacation days

Paid personal days


Good organization & meaningful processes

High level of autonomy and trust

Help and support with all the bureaucracy

Free parking in a garage


Professional growth

Education budget

New and top-notch technologies

Experienced team members mentorship

Career change within the organization

Inhouse English course


Health & Wellbeing

Extended health plan

Private health insurance

Multisport card

Coffee, juices and fresh fruits

Kitchen with lounge area


Fun & socializing


Socializing (i.e. escape room, company lunches, bowling)

Community work and volunteering